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Frequently Asked Questions

The Important Stuff

How do I sign up with LunaFibre?

Go to Packages and select your preferred package speed. Once your order is submitted, one of our agents will contact you within 3 business days to confirm your order and request additional information.

What do the packages cost?

The monthly premium will be based on the package you choose.
For all Monthly and once-off pricing, please head to the Packages menu.

Who does the installation?

The Fibre Network Operator (FNO) will contact you for a fibre installation (if your home requires one).

My fibre has been installed, what now?

Your router will be delivered……
Please allow up to 48 hours for activation, once the installation has been completed by the FNO.

How do I connect my router?

Ensure your router and ONT is plugged into a power source and powered on.
Using the LAN cable provided, plug the one end into the ONT’s LAN/Ethernet 1 port.
Then connect the other end to the WAN port on the LunaFibre router.

Who do I contact if I’m offline?

First check your power to your ONT and router and take note of the lights displayed on both devices.
Then send us a message on WhatsApp +2721200140 or submit a ticket to

How can I improve my WiFi strength?

Download this document that explains how to improve the WiFi signal strength in your home. Or contact one of our agents for a Free* spec to improve your home network.
For more info please read this.

*Free when going ahead with LunaFibre to do your data point/access point installation. Otherwise a call-out fee of R650 will be charged.

The Nitty Gritty

Free to use Router
The router we provide is a Free-to-use router up until you have been connected for 12 consecutive months, after such time the router belongs to you. Should you cancel your line within the first 12 months, the cost of the router will be charged.

Monthly billing

Subscriptions are billed one month in advance via debit order or your agreed upon payment method ( EFT / LunaFibre customer portal ).

Bounced debit orders & Late Payments

Bounced debit orders will need to be paid via your LunaFibre customer portal with a Debit/Credit Card. This should be paid within 7 days after invoice is due.
Late payments ( 8 days after due date on invoice ) may result in suspension of your service and a reconnection fee of R500 may be applicable and payable before reactivation can take place. 

Sign up with LunaFibre today for a hassle-free and reliable internet experience!